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Why have Counselling?

Counselling is usually sought as an option in order to help cope or come to terms with a situation or personal issue, when a resolution can't be made on your own or naturally. Unless a specific event has taken place, which would evoke an emotional response, such as loss, trauma or major change,  it can sometimes be hard to pinpoint why you may feel the way you do and counselling is there to help find clarity and help you make sense. 

Many people can find counselling a difficult step yet probably the most rewarding one of their lives.

Counselling is an exploration into the 'self' that no other form of help or support can fulfill in quite the same way.

It can be a challenging process at a difficult time, yet can also be enlivening and freeing for those willing to explore themselves.


Integrative Counselling

Integrative Counselling is based on providing 'what the client needs right now', it includes using practical solutions to help deal with your individual issue and combines many styles of therapy in order to get to the root of the problem and begin to facilitate change.

Gestalt & Counselling

Gestalt Counselling works with'The Here & Now' of the client, focusing on what is affecting the client’s well-being and stifling the everyday function of that individual.


Sometimes a person may feel 'stuck' or 'numb'. Gestalt works with the 'awareness' of what is really going on and helps to move the individual forward feeling more connected with their 'self' and the outside world.


Gestalt works with every possible influence that comes into contact with the person (Phenomenology), thoughts, feelings bodily reactions (somatic), behavior, morals, ethics and personal environment and each session can be completely different  to the next, dynamic, focused and individual to each client. This form of therapy is free-flowing, organic and unique to each person.

Many people seeking counselling find Gestalt therapy gets to the core of the problem quickly and deals with their issues very effectively.


Sessions can include;


Talking, Mindfulness, guided relaxation and breathing techniques to combat stress and anxiety. Creative visualization, existential guidance, object work and much more.


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