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Couple Therapy for Depression

Couple Therapy for Depression (CTfD) is an integrative, NICE approved, evidence-based treatment of couple therapy designed to treat depression in individuals within their couple relationship, using the relationship as a key resource for recovery. It is one of the high intensity therapies offered in NHS Talking Therapies Services and offered here at Well Mind Solutions as a tailored service for our clients.

Holding Hands

Making Changes

CTFD Therapy can focus on:

  • How mood can effect a relationship and how to support each other

  • Building empathy for one another

  • Ways of communicating

  • Trust in the relationship

  • Listening and responding to needs and wants

  • Using therapeutic tools to learn new relational skills

  • Sex and sexual issues arising in the relationship

  • Strengthening feelings for each other 

  • Dealing with unique issues specific to the individual relationship

  • Supporting each other with loss and change

Love is Love

CTFD Therapy can work with all types of relationships and with all genders, however you identify

The tools and qualities used in CTFD Couples Therapy are universal, but are also tailored to meet the individual needs of the relationship, they are well tried and tested as being successful as long as you want your relationship to work

Couples Therapy in any form can be very demanding and challenging, but can also be freeing and empowering

Image by Rangi Siebert
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