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Counselling & Supervision in County Durham


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Supervision provided is based on the Hawkins & Shohet '7 eyed process model' and also draws from my experience as a Gestalt-Integrative Counsellor as my prefered approach.


I have worked with practitioners on a varied spectrum of experience and genres and have found that my approach has been effective, to enable growth, development, personal/professional awareness and promoting good ethical working practice with clients/patients.


My supervision practice incorporates nurture, compassion and self-care for the Supervisee and sometimes may include a teaching/coaching element when required.


With my trained therapy model being mainly Gestalt (incoporating Person-Centredness and existential philosophy), sessions are free flowing and creative.


Working with creative media is always welcomed by supervisees as a 'way in' to the unsaid or the 'out of focus/awareness' elements that are a part of the therapuetic or the supervisee's 'ground'.


By using tools to explore these elements, allows each one to come into 'focus', allowing action to form and/or completion to take place.


If you would like to enquire about supervsion sessions or wish to arrange an informal chat about your current needs, please email me.


Supervision for Counsellors, Psychotherapists & those in supportive roles